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The 4 Carbon Fiber Composite Startups Revolutionizing the Engineering Industry

Every day we are experiencing new technologies that are changing the way we live and develop our future machines and engineering projects. Several innovative companies worldwide are working to find new engineering solutions that will help clean manufacturing and a healthy working environment. The startups that are mentioned below have been discovering new trends in carbon fiber applications that can benefit the multiple industries around the world in manufacturing machines and products. These are the top five companies, according to experts, to revolutionize the engineering industry.

9T Labs

9T Labs is a swiss engineering startup that is focused on creating affordable, high-quality 3D machines and products. They have developed advanced solutions for 3D carbon manufacturing. Carbon fiber is a much-used application in several industries, from aerospace to sports. Due to the high strength and low weight of the carbon, it is a versatile material. But the cost of converting composite carbon into products is what stops many manufacturers from using it. Luckily, 9T Labs is working to create 3D printing equipment and use design software to create optimal carbon fiber composite. Their team is focused on providing faster and affordable solutions to manufactures.

9T Labs

Solerial Matusions

Additives are an important component used in industries that reduces production costs and time for manufacturing products. Additives are effective and affordable than its alternatives, which is why there are companies that are working to create the best additives. Another Swedish company, Solerial Matusions, is creating a patented carbon fiber nanoparticle additive. They say their additive will reduce the weight and cost of aircraft structural components.

Boston Materials

Reducing the use of non-recyclable byproducts of carbon is one of the major challenges in the manufacturing industry today. One of the commonly used byproducts of carbon is milled carbon fiber. It is easy to recycle but can face a lot of structural integrity failure. Boston Materials is making a patented magnetic alignment process that can realign the structure of milled carbon fiber. It makes the material stronger, allows a high production rate and low manufacturing costs to the producers.


Carbon fiber can become the next affordable and fully functioning composite for cars in the coming years. It is being used in producing high-performance vehicles today. Carbon fiber composites are used in a variety of ways for cars and trucks that require heavy stress and pressure management. The startups are working to create better carbon composites that can take greater stress without increasing weight. Rein4ced is a Belgian startup that builds a patented carbon fiber to handle the extreme structural stress of powerful vehicles. It has been working with several car manufacturers to build carbon fiber materials for racing cars, but it will soon implement new ways of implementing their project on small scale vehicles.

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