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About Us

Welcome to our online platform made for our members. We are happy to have you here and will always have a team to keep you updated with our upcoming events.

Topics Covered in the Conference

Carbon Fibres and Composites

Join our future conferences on carbon technology and the major implementations in the several industries that happened this year.

Graphene and related materials

Also, learn about our other projects that are being researched and practiced in our labs and fill our manufacturing future.

Porous Carbons

Our research and products are helping in finding new ways of machine implementation in the European industries.

carbons for catalysis

Find the best methods for improved engineering on manufacturing carbon-based machines and tools. Get help from experts in learning more.

Carbons for health and medicine

We are also expanding our research in the field of health and hereditary addiction that can bring changes in the operation of medical science in the future.

Confirmed Speakers for the conference

Receive the list of speakers at the conference.

Why Do you Have to attend the conference?

We are a growing community that learns from each other in the conferences that provide the latest updates on carbon research and industry.


We look forward to seeing you all in Kyoto,
Japan for Carbon 2020 next year!

This year has been great for our community members to gather in one place to discuss our objectives as a team. We would like to thank everyone who made it to the conference. We will be back again next year at our Carbon 2020 conference in Japan and hope to meet again.

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